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Richmond Terrace Vigil
01 Aug, 2017

Still waking up every day with a vague sense of doom in your heart? Feeling as if Brexit is unstoppable? Need to vent at the people supposedly running the country? Don’t do it online - do it in person!

The No 10 Vigil has been running since early 2017, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, on Whitehall right opposite Number 10. Flags, musicians, performers, cheeky lyrics, some cracking impersonators, chants, puppets, dancing, unicorns, the Magic Money Tree and general MAY-hem, it’s all there.

I love it so much, I’ve been down several times. The people behind the Vigil are determined and dedicated to being “a constant flea in Theresa May’s ear” and maintaining a presence right opposite No 10 for as long as it takes to stop Brexit. Their Vigil’s slogan? Stop Brexit Before Brexit Breaks Britain. During or after a week of miserable news about silly deals and silly rules, it’s hugely energising, satisfying and galvanising to stomp up and down and shout exactly what I think at Theresa May. She, and plenty of other Cabinet members drive past often, and she knows we’re there. Just last week, I had a chat with Keir Starmer….

Over the summer, while the MPs are on holiday and Theresa May goes for another walk (what will she come up with this time?) the Vigil is popping up at various locations all over London – click here to reach the No 10 Vigil facebook group and request to join the group to get all the latest updates.

St Albans for Europe will be going to the Vigil as a group again soon- keep an eye on updates on our Facebook page and on the website and twitter.

See you down there!

Helen Campbell