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Write to your MP to demand a People's Vote - Template A

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A People’s Vote

I acknowledge that, in common with most people voting in the June 2016 Referendum, I did not fully understand the implications of either ‘Leave’ or ‘Remain’ as choices on the ballot paper. Much has changed since then.

I now feel very much better equipped to exercise my right to vote in a meaningful way and I want an informed say in determining the future direction of our country and its relationship with the European Union. For any Member of Parliament to ignore the will of the people at this crucial time increasingly looks like putting political expediency and personal ambition above the interests of their constituents, both now and for generations to come.

Throughout Hertfordshire there is now significant support for a People’s Vote on the terms of whatever deal is put before Parliament. That support is drawn from across the political spectrum and from people of all ages and economic backgrounds. I urge you, as a Hertfordshire MP, to listen to our voices and uphold the principles of a mature democracy by supporting our call for a People’s Vote.

Yours sincerely




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