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Pro-Europeans in St Albans join Brighton March & Rally for Europe at the Labour Party conference
30 Sep, 2017

A group of St Albans for Europe members travelled to Brighton on Sunday 24th September to join a march and rally for Europe to coincide with the Labour Party conference.  It was organised by the European Movement UK, Britain for Europe, Scientists for EU, Healthier in the EU and local group, Brighton and Hove for Europe.  

People joined the local Brighton and Hove for Europe group from all over the country, proudly bearing pro-EU flags, banners, placards, T-shirts and stickers to present a united opposition to Brexit plans and to make this loud and clear at the Labour Party conference.  St Albans for Europe members linked up with other groups, such as East Herts for Europe, London for Europe as well as groups from Greenwich, Watford and further afield.  

Helen, one of our members attending said "It was great, once again, to protest against Brexit and the handling of the crisis- and I would now call it a crisis - by politicians. Brighton was really well attended and a very friendly atmosphere. Lots of Labour delegates milling about, and they were very receptive and encouraging to protesters, evidence of the split down the middle of the Labour party over Brexit. I also attended the excellent event in the evening at the Brighton Dome- some fantastic speakers, a lively panel moderated by Polly Toynbee, and some much-needed light relief from the horrors of Brexit from a hilarious Brighton-based comedian. Well done and thank you, Brighton and Hove for Europe and fellow co-organisers."

Karen said "I enjoyed our afternoon by the sea in the sun. Mainly because of the camaraderie between thousands of people who took time out of their weekend to join forces and show their support for remaining in the European family. We protested against the shambolic approach of the UK government to the Brexit negotiations, and the recent disgraceful attacks on democracy affecting the make-up of Parliamentary committees.  But we protested most loudly at Labour’s failure to effectively oppose these things, calling on the party conference to protect the NHS, workers’ rights, our security, the economy, and so on by opposing Brexit, fighting to stay in the single market and the customs union. It was great to meet with fellow Remainers close to home, such as our friends in East Herts and Watford. Hopefully we can join up with them to support our future actions."

Matthew said "It was a great day out at the Labour party conference, thousands of people calling for Labour to behave like an opposition". 

A full report on the day can be found on European Movement's website.