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Pro-Europeans in St Albans join a nationwide Action Day
05 Sep, 2017

St Albans for Europe was out in force on Saturday 2 September for the biggest national pro-European day of action since the referendum, with European Movement UK branches and supporters campaigning side by side with volunteers from other pro-European campaign groups, Open Britain and Britain for Europe.  Over 2000 volunteers took part across the country.

Fiona McAndrew, chair of St Albans for Europe, said: “We believe Brexit is a historic mistake for our country.  It is already leading to a price squeeze and affecting the NHS through a drop in applications from EU nurses.”

“We feel it is vital the public is informed about the impact of Brexit.  At our street stall, hundreds of local residents signed European Movement’s petition calling on the Government to publish 50 publicly-funded studies it conducted into the impact that Brexit will have across various sectors of the UK’s economy, after leaked data showed a potential shortage of 40,000 nurses by 2026.

“We are at a turning point where it will be the sheer weight of opposition to plans to shut the UK off from our neighbours and steer us backwards which will make the difference in determining which direction the UK goes in.”

Street stall Sept 17