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Postcards from the (cliff) edge
29 Mar, 2018

We held one of our most interactive and engaging market stalls to date on Saturday 24 March, echoing the efforts of thousands of other activists all over the country. MPs are there to represent us, so what better than to give passers-by   ̶   from as close as the Market Square itself to as far away as Eastbourne   ̶   the opportunity to send their MP a quick and easy message on what they think about Brexit?

Eager visitors to the stall were able to choose from a brilliant range of postcards, especially designed by Remain campaigner Monica Liberati and featuring messages such as “No matter how we voted, Brexit isn’t working”, “Brexit’s Breaking Britain”, and “I want a vote on the deal.” They could then add their name and postcode and a personal message if they wished, and post them into our custom-made St Albans for Europe postbox (thanks Danny Clare!)

We collected nearly 100 postcards for a total of eight MPs, including Anne Main, St Albans’ Hard Brexit parliamentary “representative”. These will be winging their way straight into the constituency postbags of parliamentarians, to give them something to chew over as the UK marks “a year until Brexit” [not if we can help it…]. 

We talk to people who voted Remain and people who voted Leave on our market stalls, but there is no getting away from the fact that St Albans is a Remain stronghold; we got out of that bubble and, kick-starting our campaign for a vote on the deal, started door-to-door canvassing that same afternoon. Where better than the area of the City with the lowest Remain vote – London Colney (51% Remain, v, St Albans as a whole 63% Remain)?

With just three of us, we managed to knock on about 80 doors in the time we had, and had a great response. The vast majority of people we spoke to were all too happy to talk about Brexit. The general mood? That people didn’t really understand the Referendum, or what they were being told, and they don’t really understand any of it now. This included a substantial number of the Leave-voters we spoke to, who were very disenchanted with Brexit so far and feel increasingly anxious it’s not going the way they had been led to believe it would.  

It’s no surprise that with that as the backdrop, there is a lot of support for a vote for the public once we know what deal we’re getting. We will be going to other areas of the St Albans constituency to ask voters how they feel the Brexit negotiations are going and asking who they think should vote on the Brexit deal. Come and join us, and help reach more people. The national campaign for a vote on the deal will be intensifying over the next few weeks but St Albans, as ever, is ahead of the game.

By Helen Campbell