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Around 100 campaigners from St Albans and Harpenden join over 100,000 others in London for largest ever pro-European march
04 Jul, 2018

On 23 June we gathered at St Albans City Station, many dressed in the bright blue and yellow of the EU flag. Hand-painted banners were distributed and, following a group photo, we were on our way to the March for a People's Vote on the Brexit deal in London. On the same train were campaigners from our sister group Harpenden for Europe.


Greeted at Green Park Underground station by open barriers and crowd control, it was soon apparent how huge the the protest would be. Emerging into the gorgeously sunlit Piccadilly, we headed up St James's Street towards the march start point of Pall Mall. At a standstill for over an hour, there was a chance to take in the array of thoughtful and often provocative banners hailing our cause: promoting a People's Vote to ensure that the government's Brexit deal is put before the country.

At last we started moving, heading towards Parliament Square via Trafalgar Square and Whitehall. Traditional and yet spontaneous cries of 'shame on you' broke out as we passed Downing Street. The march remained peaceful yet noticeably louder than previous demos as we expressed our passionate support for a People's Vote.

Parliament overflowed as we listened to speakers from across the political spectrum. Ciaran, a delivery driver, warned of the destructive chaos that will ensue if border controls are implemented. One after another, activists spoke of their passion for the European project. The crowd vocally wondered where Jeremy Corbyn was... but David Lammy was there to exhort us: don't mourn; organise! Which is precisely what we shall continue to do.

by Anita Mannion

Show your support for a People’s Vote on the final deal by signing the petition here

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