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St Albans join national march against Brexit
27 Mar, 2017

St Albans citizens join major national march against Brexit

Around 50 people joined a meet up organised by St Albans for Europe at St Albans City station on Saturday 25th March 2017 to travel together to the Unite for Europe march against Brexit.  The march took place in London from Park Lane to Parliament Square, marking the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome.  Police estimate that around 100,000 people took part.

St Albans for Europe Chair, Fiona McAndrew commented, “We marched in London to commemorate the historic achievements of the European Union and urgently communicate to fellow citizens that Brexit is an unfolding national disaster, Brexit is not inevitable, and Brexit can and must be stopped.  We are saying that the people have the right to change their mind when facts and circumstances change, when there is new evidence, and when they find they have been deceived.

The people and their representatives, not the government, must have the final say on any negotiated deal to leave the EU, and one of the options available in this final decision must be the option, if we then choose, to remain in the EU.”

St Albans for Europe member, Louise McElhinney, who made a fantastic banner with the St Albans emblem and European flag for the march, said: ‘The police estimated that 100,000 people marched. It was a peaceful, well organised and inspiring protest against Brexit by people who travelled from all over the country and beyond to be there. We had good reason. This government is shutting down the voice of the silent majority. Remainers, EU nationals, British people living in EU countries and 16 - 17 year olds add up to a considerable majority of the country. [On Saturday] we made our voices heard.’

Rose Newell, who joined St Albans for Europe in travelling to the march said:

‘I live in Berlin and came over especially for the March, and stayed with my 90-year-old Remainer granny in St Albans - the town where both my parents grew up. Back in Berlin, I'm married to a German national and will be going for German citizenship before the UK leaves, so I can get both without being forced to choose.’

Check out the pictures of St Albans for Europe at the "March for Europe" in the link below.