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Lobby your local council candidates in the 3 May elections on Brexit and EU citizens rights
20 Apr, 2018

Local council elections for St Albans District Council and many other local councils are just two weeks away, on 3 May. Please write to ALL prospective councillors in your Ward. It’s a really good opportunity to raise concerns about EU citizens' rights, Brexit and its impact on your family and/or local community and ask them to support the People’s Vote.


Although a personal letter/email is likely to have the most impact, if you’re not sure what to say – or just short of time – we have put together a couple of templates for you to edit to suit your own preferences or just add your own details (remember to include your address). There are two letters, one for UK citizens and the other for EU citizens to use. We took suggestions from various websites, including the Local Government Association for UK citizens and the 3 Million for EU citizens to help us with the content.

Letters can be written and posted to the addresses of prospective candidates in your Ward, as shown in this table. We are only able to supply email addresses for current councillors standing for re-election. If you would like to email other candidates, you will need to contact your candidates by emailing their local party offices/agents – contact details also on attached table.

The template letter for EU citizens is here and the one for UK citizens and everyone else is here. If you're not sure which Ward you are in or to find out if your local council has elections, please check here

It's really important that as many people participate in this initiative as possible. We have only a few months left to secure a final say on the Brexit deal and EVERYONE’S VOICE COUNTS. Please let us know by emailing if you get replies from your candidates and in particular if they make a commitment to signing up to the People’s Vote campaign –

Many thanks to Karen Austin and Judy Newton-Davies from our lobbying team for putting the template letters together.