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Write your MP to demand a People's Vote now!
19 Sep, 2018

If you only do ONE thing before joining us on the March for a People's Vote in London on 20 October, write to tell your MP that you support a People's Vote on the terms of the EU Withdrawal Agreement.

Our lobbying team have put together a template letter/email based on Hertfordshire County Council’s recent impact report "Implications of the United Kingdom’s Withdrawal from the European Union", which can be found here. We have put together a brief summary of Hertfordshire's report to highlight the key points, which can be accessed here. We've suggested ways you could adapt the template letter - perhaps focusing on the aspects of Hertfordshire's report which most concern or affect you - or write your own version.


Along with the template letter, we have provided email contact details for all Hertfordshire MPs. As well as writing to your own constituency MP we suggest sending the same letter to ALL the others, copied to your own. Whether or not they respond is less important at this stage than flooding their mailboxes with evidence of your support for the Peoples’ Vote campaign. There are 11 Hertfordshire MPs and just over 1,000 members of St Albans for Europe – do the math!

Please drop us a line to let us know you've written - and if you get a reply, please share it with us on