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Thank EU gathering
31 January, 2020 at 6pm - 8pm
Fleetville Community Centre
Royal Road
St Albans AL1 4LQ
United Kingdom
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Helen Campbell

We are inviting you to bring your family and like-minded friends and drop in for drink and themed cake/snacks and join us to make a great big giant scrapbook which we will send somewhere appropriate. This will be a family friendly event.

The idea of the book is for it to serve as a record of our lives as European Citizens and our personal links/bi-nationality families, our appreciation for the contribution EU 27 citizens make to the UK, and also as a record of our fight to keep the UK inside the European Union. The emphasis is on appreciating what we have gained and the values we will continue to uphold - those of friendship, tolerance and an open hand to EU 27 citizens - regardless of what the future holds.

Thoughts at the moment are to send it to the European Commission to THANK EU for the UK's membership and, crucially, to tell them we hope to be back. We'll probably photograph every page and send those to No 10 too. Hah.

Please bring pens, paper, glue, copies of photos (or originals if you are happy to not get them back), mementos (things that can be stuck in, need to be flat things, not 3D, so that means no stuffed unicorns... ; ) drawings by your children (they can also do drawings at the event) and feel free to write messages and whatever else.

We will need some helpers to run the event - please email if you can help. 

We will ask for a small donation on the evening to cover refreshments and venue hire.

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Will you come?